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My previous post, Love Is So Amazing, reminded me of a poem that I wanted to share.  At first I was going to include it in Love Is So Amazing but decided to give it it’s own post.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂



As the angels in the sky

Watch the world spin idly by

And in their hand, the fate of man

That shall be lost like grains of sand.

For the destiny that you desire

Shall be one that you aspire.

And in this way it shall be best

To find a way to past your test.

For it may seem, but a dream

But in the end your love shall gleam.

And in it you’ll hear the melody

Of a soul yearing to be let free

From the shackles of mankind

And forever stop the hands of time.

And in this, you shall see

That life was meant for you and me.


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